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Here at MiamiStyleMe we take your pleasure seriously. We give detailed and unbiased reviews of the latest electronic cigarettes so you can choose the best electronic cigarette for you.

For best style, see Manny's reviews. Best value, Yvonne. And if you want the real smokers' experience, check out Julian's page. Indulge your pleasures. That's MiamiStyle.


V2 - Best of the Best !

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Brand name:
Product name:
V2 Standard Plus Kit
90 Points - Highly Recommend
$99.95 (minus 10% discount with coupon code "MiamiStyleMe"
V2 eCigarette Logo
Very good value for what you get.  Price per cartridge is very low and so is ongoing cost per pack.  And I liked the menthol, softer than other e cigarette brands & not too minty.   'Couples Kit' - just $114.95 for twice the standard kit content.
The Red taste like a traditional Marlboro, not at all harsh like some e cigs.  The other flavors I don't like, the menthol is a little minty.  Still our best buy.
I don't smoke menthols. Very good quality of product, the portable charger pack works great but needs a longer cord for plugging into your USB.  I like the manual and smart charger.  Lots to like about this brand.  We rate this our Best Buy.

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Katherine Heigl enjoys an e-cigarette with David Letterman


But how does it taste ?


Quality and Style are tops.


What's the best value ?

What is an Electronic Cigarette and How does it work?

An electronic cigarette or an e-cigarette, is a battery powered device that looks and tastes like a real cigarette but does not contain the tar and 3000 other chemicals that tobacco has. It provides the nicotine but without the burning of tobacco, the second hand smoke and the lingering smell.

The white part of the electronic cigarette is a battery and the part that looks like the filter has a nicotine/propylene glycol solution and heating element inside. (Propylene Glycol is a food additive that makes artificial fog in theatrical productions). When you puff on an electronic cigarette a microchip heats up the atomizer in the cartridge which evaporates the solution so you feel it when you inhale, and you see “smoke” when you exhale. The smoke is actually just a water vapor that quickly evaporates. Users of e-cigarettes call it “vapeing”.

e cigarette diagram

There are a lot of behavioral and psychological addictions associated with smoking. You have your routines: One cigarette with coffee, another after lunch, two in the car, a smoke after writing out the bills, etc.  Electronic cigarettes fulfill these needs -- which is something the patch and inhalers cannot do.

The e-cigarette cartridges come in varying amounts of nicotine, including “0” for those who want to reduce the amount of nicotine they inhale. Many smokers find that with electronic cigarettes, they can take 5 or 6 puffs and put it away, picking their e-cigarette up and putting it away whenever they want.  Whereas before, if they felt satisfied after smoking half of a traditional cigarette, they continued to finish it since it was already lit.  As a result, many “vapers” find they “smoke” less on an electronic cigarette in a day than they did with tobacco.

With no second hand smoke many people use their electronic cigarette in the car, at their desk, in a bar and other public places where cigarettes are normally banned.

With electronic cigarettes you can continue to indulge your pleasures, in a better way.

Read our unbiased reviews to find out which is the best electronic cigarette for you. When you’re ready, please buy your electronic cigarettes through our links (we get a small commission that helps keep the lights on).

Indulge Your Pleasures….. MiamiStyle.

THE 411...

Enjoy Smoking
with electronic cigarettes.  Yes you can.  As an alternative to "analogs" they do not contain the thousands of chemicals tobacco has.  No second hand smoke to bother those you love, no lingering smell, no ash to clean up, no burn marks on the furniture. 
Indulge Your Pleasures in a better way.


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What is MiamiStyleMe?

Our philosophy is we want you to indulge your pleasures in the healthiest way possible and without intruding on others.  Electronic cigarettes are a great example.  Many people enjoy smoking and don’t like all the nasty side effects. With electronic cigarettes there is nicotine but not the 3000 other chemicals that make tobacco so deadly. No burning tip means no more burned shirts and no second hand smoke.   No smoker’s breath and no stinky clothes.  The taste of electronic cigarettes is much smoother too.

But not all electronic cigarettes are the same; many are poorly made.  Some provide almost no visible vapor, others have lots.  Many “vapers” as they are called, want to use cartridges that are only made in the US and not China.  Customer service is very important, but which e-cigarette company is the best?  That’s why we started this site, to provide unbiased reviews of electronic cigarettes and help you cut through all the marketing to get the facts.

Electronic cigarettes can be a great alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.  If people want to switch, we want to encourage them to choose the right one for their style of smoking.   We will help you choose the best electronic cigarette for you.  Just ask us.  If we don’t have the information you want, ask in our forum.  If we don’t have the answer, there is bound to be someone there who does.

Read our news articles and studies and learn more about electronic cigarettes.  Check out our Specials page and see what discounts we’ve dug up for you.  Our videos are informative and entertaining.  Drop us a line and tell us how we can make this a better site for you.

Indulge your pleasures in a better way, with electronic cigarettes.